About Us
Loretta Di Vita is an expert in management and employee development with more than 15 years of experience in the field. She has worked as a training and protocol advisor for numerous multi-national companies in Europe and in North America. She has customized and implemented training programs for thousands of employees and executives on the subjects of business protocol, image development, communications, interpersonal skills and customer service. In 2000, Decorum Consultation Incorporated was established to provide contemporary business protocol training and professional development services. Decorum Consultation's business activities have been the subject of numerous newspaper articles, television interviews and radio programs.
Loretta is a frequent contributor to several print publications.

Our Philosophy
No mandate is too big or too small for Decorum Consultation. All our customers are treated with equal respect and courtesy. We consider all inquiries with absolute seriousness and aim to turn all contacts into trust-based, long-term relationships. We believe in giving back, and embrace the opportunity for speaking engagements requested by non-profit, charitable organizations.

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